Lenovo – 8″ Smart Display with Google Assistant

Lenovo – 8″ Smart Display with Google Assistant

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Watch programs or surf the Internet with this Lenovo smart display. The 8-inch screen has 1280 x 800 high-definition resolution for clear images, and the integrated Google Assistant function lets you get instant answers to questions as well as reminders of important events. This Lenovo smart display also lets you make video calls

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Just say “Hey Google”

With the Google Assistant built in, this Lenovo smart display is designed to make everyday life easier. Check your morning commute or the weather. Stream music, radio, YouTube videos and more.

8″/10″ IPS touch screen

Produces sharp and clear image for web browsing, entertainments, video calls and more.

Manage your home

Effortlessly control more than 1,500 connected smart devices which work with the Google Assistant.

Built-in Google Assistant

Allows you to operate hands-free, using only your voice to ask questions and give commands.

Keep in touch

Catch up with your family and friends over a video chat or phone call using just your voice.

Get things done

Find the quickest route, check the weather, or listen to the news without pressing a thing.

Be entertained

Play your favorite music, watch celebrity chefs on YouTube, or relive magical moments through Google Photos simply by asking.

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